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Bonus Picture Gallery
for the 2nd Edition of
the Portland Red Guide

Quite a few images from my submitted manuscript were left out of the published version. Many are included here and their numbers correspond to the 194 consecutively numbered sites in the new edition. Readers are invited to copy, print and insert in their copies.

Introduction page xxx: 1937 Portland bus and streetcar pass celebrates "exterminating" native Americans.

Site # 7: Firebrand publisher A.J. Pope


Site #15: Portland artist Mitch Freifeld was inspired by the first edition of the Red Guide to create this painting of the White Eagle Saloon .


Site #27:  Poster protesting imprisonment of Louise Olivereau


Site #35: Where Agnes Fair committed suicide Former Oregon City electric tracks at SE Tacoma Ave, Sellwood


Site #39: Grave of Wesley Everest In Sticklin-Greenwood Cemetery In Centralia, WA.


Site #48: "Our Comrade" Paul Siro's grave, Hubbard-Whittle Cemetery, Castle Rock, WA

Site # 50: Grave of Ben Boloff, Riverview Cemetery

Site #52: Ted Jordan protest leaflet,1934

Site # 53: Wobbly entry in 2002 Portland soapbox derby named for Gurley Flynn

Site #56: Portland radicals at Kirk's Donut Shop, formerly 314 W. Burnside in 1934. Painting by the late Pele DeLappe

Site #65: Black Virgin, painting by Thelma Johnson Streat (Reed College collection)

Site # 82: Oregon Federal Theater poster

Site # 83: Winter wood stacks on Portland streets by Dorothea Lange

Site #83: Hooverville comissary under Ross Island Bridge by Arthur Rothstein

Site # 96: Azalia Emma Peet was the only person to testify against the deportation of Japanese Americans at the 1942 congressional hearing in Portland. She unsuccessfully challenged the silent religious,radical, and liberal communties to stand up.

Site # 98: Tuskeege airman Robert Deiz on WWII poster

Site # 108: The racist Coon Chicken Inn occuped NE Sandy Blvd for decades until the 1950s. In 2011, it was jazz venue Clyde [Jenkins's] Prime Rib.

Site # 129: The "Portland Four" (left to right) Herbert Simpson,Tom Moore, John MacKenzie and Don Wollam.

Site # 136: Poster for Robeson's last Portland concert, 1958.

Site #164:  17-year old Cheryl James at the time of her arrest by the FBI in Portland, 1971

Site #178 Martina Gangle and Hank Curl reading their favorite newspaper

Site # 183: White Patriots and Black Panthers Portland picnic, 1975

Site # 188: Samsud-Din  "Vanport" mural, PSU

Site # 190: The Hood River Electric Co-Op erased Woody Guthrie's name from the sub-station in 2000.

Site #192: Grave of Kendra James in Lone Fir Cemetery

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